The Indiana Agriculture Nutrient Alliance (IANA) is dedicated to keeping Indiana at the forefront of proactive nutrient management and soil health practices that improve farm viability and, ultimately, reduce nutrient loss to water.



Each of us can impact and improve soil health and water quality by implementing
essential, individualized best management practices — preserving Indiana’s natural
resources today, and securing a future for agriculture’s next generation.

You can make management decisions that maximize productivity while protecting
Indiana’s resources.

4R Nutrient Management

Right source at the right rate, at the right time and in the right place. These are the four Rs of nutrient management. This philosophy allows farmers to achieve their crop goals, while keeping in mind best practices to manage nutrient supply.


Soil is the foundation of everything farmers grow. Keeping our soil healthy ensures that it has the continued capacity to help sustain plants, animals and humans. By using cover crops, and monitoring soil health through testing, we can help keep our soil where it belongs.


Managing the water coming in and going out of the Managing the water coming in and going out of the run off with drainage water , it can be very costly for the farmer. Learning how to manage and maintain a proper drainage system can save both nutrients and water.